Tuesday, July 26, 2016

best friend matching shirts

We are proud of our best friends and want to do almost anything together. One of the ways of showing your friendship is having matching t-shirts. To make the outfits interesting and fun you need to have interesting designs. best friend matching shirts Here are some of the interesting designs that you should think about: My Bae, My boo: You should have the sign "My Bae" on one t-shirt and "My Boo" on the other. To make it more fun you should have arrows on the outfits showing the direction of your best friend. 

 Best Babes: as best friends you are babes and you should let the world know about it by having "Best Babes" t-shirts. All you need to do is to approach a high quality designer and ask him/her to in script the words, "Best" and "Babes" on two different t-shirts. To create identical looks you should dye your hair the same colour and wear matching pants. Avocado friendship: an avocado is a healthy fruit and having it on both of your outfits is a sign of a healthy relationship. 

You should have one half of an avocado on one t-shirt and the other half on the other t-shirt. Infinity beyond: if you have been friends for a long time and your friendship keeps on getting stronger you should get an "Infinity Beyond" t-shirt. One t-shirt should have "Infinity" and the other "Beyond." To make the t-shirts identical you should ensure that they are made from the same material. You should also ensure that they both have the infinity sign.

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